Secure & Reliable NO MONTHLY FEES Domain and Hosting Included
No Page, Bandwith or Traffic Limits
Mobile | Tablet | Desktop Responsive
SSL Site Certificate Included
PRICES Professional Website PORTFOLIO
Secure & Reliable NO MONTHLY FEES Selling Products Online
Discounts Codes on Products/Checkout
Payment Gateways like PayPal, Stripe etc.
SSL Site Certificate Included
PRICES E-commerce Website PORTFOLIO

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Coopsy Website Designs


Hosting is all included with no contracts or monthly fees. We do not have any page or content restrictions.

Super Fast & Dedicated Server

All of our websites are hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This means we have full control and we are not sharing resources with other websites from other providers.


Your website will display the padlock at the very top next to your domain in the browser – This means your website is safe, secure, private and trusted. Google loves secure websites.

Email Accounts

You will have access to your own email account with a 2GB storage limit (can be upgraded). Your email account can be accessible from multiple devices such as iPhone, Outloook etc.


Your domain is included. We will create you the perfect domain name, have this registered and linked to your website

Mobile Friendly

All of our websites are mobile –> desktop friendly. This is called Responsiveness. The website will display & respond accordingly to the device it is being viewed on.


  • All of our websites are produced in WordPress. 62% of online websites run on this platform as its easy to manage, update, maintain and super user friendly
  • If you wish, you can be given access to edit your website and the appropriate training will be provided
  • Your website will also be compatible if you ever wanted to turn the website into an e-commerce one. This means that you can run an online shop selling your products or/and services online.

What is SSL?

(Secure Socket Layer) is a web security feature that will help to protect your website and show users that your website is ‘safe’ to use. It helps to build trust with your visitors and reassures them that your website is secure. The address of a securely encrypted website will begin with https:// instead of http:// and/or it may show a small padlock graphic in the address bar. The ‘s’ stands for ‘security’. These additions to the web address act as a useful indicator for visitors to your site.

Google now ranks sites with SSL, higher in their search listings. This helps protect users from illegal activity and cyber attacks. They effectively prioritise sites that use secure HTTPS URLs over those that don’t. If you have SSL you have more chance of being listed higher in Google’s search results than if you didn’t have it.


SSL comes as standard with all websites and domains we host


How long will my website take to create

Websites take anything from 3-7 days but this purely depends on how soon you get all the content to us. Each customer is different and either provide us with all the content up front or drip feed us. We have no preference so its up to you when you want the website to go LIVE.

Do you take any deposits

When you want us to start on your website, you will need to provide 50% of the fee and the remaining 50% within the next 30 days from deposit date or when website goes LIVE – which ever comes first

Do I need to pay any fees for my website once its LIVE

We do not charge you any monthly fees to host your website. The only fees are a yearly renewal fee and any other fees such as an increased mailbox or a feature such as LIVE chat, or a booking form. Contact us for any specific requirements

How much do I pay per year and am I locked in a contract

Each year your website will renew for £50. This includes the email and/or domain. Its best that we host your email, website and domain so you only have one yearly fee to pay.
You are not locked into any contract and you are free to transfer away or close down the website at anytime.

How many email addresses can I have

With our professional standard website package, you will have 1 business email account. Our Ecommerce package will allow you have have up to 2 business email accounts.

Each business account will have its own 2GB storage limit (can be upgraded)

Heed help? Call us on  07446 169 031 or email us